Specialists in: Thermal-Hydro-Acoustic Insulations . Refractory Lining . Pipelines Coatings . Acid Resisting Brick Lining. Anti-Corrosive Treatment.


High Temparature Insulations

1. ACC Refractory Castables
2. Refractory Bricks.
3. Murugappa Ceramic Fibre Products - Blankets, Boards, Papers, Cloth, Ropes & Ancillary Items.
4.Calcium Silicate Blocks, Sections& Powder.
5.Asbestos Mill Board.

Hot & Cold Insulations

1. Fin Wool -- Glass Wool
2.Twingainsul Resin Bonded Fibreglass Roll, Slabs, Rigid Boards.
3. Fibreglass Cloth, Yarn, Chopped Strand Matts, Woven Roving.
4.Mineral Wool.
5.Minwool Rock -resin Bonded Mineral Wool Slabs, L.R.B Mattresses & Sectional Pipe Insulation.
6.Magnesia & Hard Settings Compound.
7.Asbestos Materials-- Rope, Tape, Cloth, Fibres, Fluff, Packing & Jointing, Syndanio Sheets.
8.Exfoliated Vermiculite.
9.Expanded Polystyrene, Polyurethane and Phenonotherm.
11.Insulation Cladding & Ancillary Materials. viz. Aluminium Sheet, GI Sheet

Anti Corrosive Water Proofing & Acid Resisting Lining Products

1. Fibreglass R.P. Tissue/ Reinforcement Tissue for painting.
2.Anti-Corrosive Materials--- Coal Tar Enamel, Primerand Outerwrap, etc.
3.Anti-Corrosive Tape-- Underground and above ground pipe protection tape.
4.Bituminous Waterproofing Felt, Bitumen Compound, Emulsions, Paints, Expansion Joint Boards & Fillers.
5.Acid Resisting Bricks, Bedding, Jointing and Pointing Mortars.

Acoustic & Interior Decoration Products for false Ceiling, Partitions and Paneling

1. Aluminium/ G.I./Wooden Sections.
2.Acoustic Doors.
3.Insulation Boards, Particle Boards, Gypsum BoardsLaminated Boards and Ceiling Tiles.

Turnkey Projects

We also undertake Turnkey Contracts including designing to suit individual requirements.